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Great words about a great man! Captain Davis has been part of the Heritage Place family for the past 30 years.

Oklahoma City Police Department

Kind words said about Captain Melvin Davis of our Springlake Division...

While eating, there was a gentleman several booths behind Captain Melvin Davis who appeared to be very distraught. Captain Davis could not see him, but I asked the gentleman if everything was alright. The gentleman said that he was a truck driver from Killeen Texas, and he had just found out his 17 year old son had been killed in a 4 wheel ATV crash. His daughter was injured as well.

Obviously after that news, he was in no shape to drive and had parked his truck. He was waiting on another driver to pick him up to take him home. Like any of us would be, he felt his ride wasn’t getting there quick enough and was becoming upset.

Captain Davis began consoling the man. While doing so, the Captain took the man’s hand and asked if he could pray with him. The driver quickly agreed and the Captain proceeded to deliver a most wonderful prayer that quickly calmed the grieving father. By the end of the prayer, he realized that his employer was working to get him home to his wife and daughter as quickly as possible. My words truly cannot describe how effectively the Captain’s words of prayer calmed the gentleman and helped him to begin to accept the terrible tragedy that had happened to his son.

Captain Davis was very professional and compassionate during the entire incident and I am honored to have witnessed it. To me, his actions reflected all that is great about the Oklahoma City Police Department and the officers who work there. I believe the citizens and the grieving father were all left with that same opinion.

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